Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Fun with money

I got cash from an ATM Sunday and was presented a couple of the new $20s. Wacky. They look like the old twenties with stains. *shrug*

I have a blacklight from Halloween decorations and looked at a bunch of bills under it. Nothing really interesting. On the back of the new twenty are a bunch of little tiny "20"s scattered about. You can see them in normal light but they're bright in UV. There's also an US treasury seal on the front near Jackson's mug that's sorta sparkly in full light but shows red in UV.


I bought something at Target on Sunday and was given a slug back instead of a quarter. I had the sense to point this out to the clerk ("This isn't a quarter" -- what wit I have!) who was very embarrassed. I'm not kidding myself -- he wasn't embarrassed he tried to pass the degenerate washer off to me. I'm sure he felt bad because he was fooled by someone else. D'oh.


I wish CandyWarehouse's minimum order size was less than $35. Much less, I guess -- say, $20. Necco wafers are so much better fresh.
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