Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

I took my bike in to the shop for a tune-up today, and to get both tires replaced. Percentage-wise, if it were a car, I'd be paying about $3500 for these services. At least they didn't laugh at or scold me for the condition I let it get in.

I leave on Monday for a conference in B.C. for a week. I'm giving a presentation at a workshop there on Friday; I need to work on the presentation this weekend (I have 3 slides made so far). The conference is more gratuitous about pleasure activities than I think it need be: the workshops are at Whistler and the schedule has a 6-hour hole in the middle of each day.

This is my last weekend in Mountain View this year. Next weekend I'll be in Canada, and then the last two of December I'll be back in Seattle. Here it is the 6th of December and my free time is already booked. Heh, at least I should have some free time in Seattle around Christmas.

Oh - time to go check on the laundry.
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