Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Bad news / good news time

Bad news: I forgot to pick up my bike from The Off Ramp during my designated 4p - 5p window. I didn't set a reminder for me and spaced until 4:56. 4 minutes of driving and 8 minutes of waiting for red lights later, I got to watch just as the two shopkeeps split as I arrived. Rrr. Worse, I was just sitting on the couch watching TV -- it's not like I was doing anything important. *sigh* I can pick it up tomorrow at 10a. Then drop off the rental. Walk home. Catch a shuttle to SFO. All it rapid succession. Guess I need to pack tonight.

Good news: I had splendid food for lunch (and soon to be dinner via leftovers) today. Krungthai is my current top pick for Thai cuisine within easy biking distance from my apartment. They opened last week next to Trader Joe's at the San Antonio shopping center.

Bad news: I'm stressing about the upcoming conference. Does a person ever stop stressing about conferences? I'd have thought that graduating would have helped. I guess it did, in a way: I'm not particularly stressed that I plan to complete the presentation only on-site, not ahead of time.

Good news: I have a (pretty rough) draft of my presentation. I won't be completely naked during my 25 minutes at the podium. Oh, speaking of naked: I need to pack some nice-looking clothes. It's been a while since I traveled somewhere other than my parents' home, where I leave a spare pair of everything (nice to travel for the weekend and pack only a book).

Bad news: er, that's about it for my big bad news column.

Good news: um, i guess not much more here, either. I put up Christmas lights at my office yesterday. I wonder if my officemates will notice. Heh.

Okay, dinner time. Then, cartoons.
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