Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

The things you'll see on TV

I'm watching "Nostradamus: 500 years later" on the history channel. Apparently, N predicting basically everything important since he wrote is predictions. Of course, being a machine learning researcher, I know that one needs both recall and precision: ie, just because N said something that came true, doesn't mean everything he said will be true. What hasn't come to pass? And, it's sort of cute and all that we can post hoc map N's writings to something that did happen, but that's kind of cheating, ya' know?

What's worse, this is better than the other show I'm watching: apparently, there was a big conspiracy and cover up surronding the San Francisco 1906 earthquake. They showed a guy analyzing a photo taken back then and claimed that 30% of the photo was retouched. At the time. Er, I suppose, but doesn't that seem just a little far-fetched? Maybe, as you're futzing around with sliders in PhotoShop, maybe you're just seeing different hues of the silver halide in the film, and that's really all it is? ... nah - it's got to have been airbrushed.
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