Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

More car thinking

One day, I really will buy a car. I was sort of leaning toward a Honda Element, but I'm less convinced now. It's sorta boxy, I recall the visibility wasn't great, and the fuel economy wasn't to be proud of. I rented a Pontiac Sunfire last weekend, which wasn't my favorite car, but it did manage to convince me that a 2-door sedan, or just something small, would be fun.

Honda has their Civics and Accords which I'm looking at, esp. the Civic hybrid (48mpg!). I'm looking at Subarus, too: the Impreza and the Outback Sport nice but I haven't looked at them more closely. I'm looking for something that's not expensive and mostly utilitarian. The Lexus SC convertible is really cool but I'm disinclined to spend $65,000 on a car just yet. 8)

So, anyway, onward and upward with mulling over four wheels and a motor (or two, if it's a hybrid). If anyone wants to pitch in their opinions, find your way to the comment link. 8)
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