Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

New cell phone #2

Cell phone #1 lost the ability to place a phone call Sunday evening. 90 minutes of talking with AT&T customer care netted me only "bring your phone in for a replacement." Turns out, though, that many other folks seem to have had the same experience with the phone (LG L1150). is a great source of feedback about phones, service, etc.

I visited the Palo Alto AT&T store this evening and exchanged my phone. The new phone's battery seemed flat from the get-go, but I brought it home to charge it. Plug in, no pulse. Wouldn't turn on, wouldn't indicate it was charging. The plugged-in LED on the phone came on, but that was it. Apparently, phone #2 is also defective.

Back to the store tomorrow morning, to pick up phone #3. I want a flip phone + camera phone, and of the three that they carry I like this one best. Except for the non-functioning part. We'll see if I can find a good unit yet.
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