Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Saving electricity is like a game

Woo - less than last year again! The bright part of paying my PG&E power bill is seeing if I used less electricity in the same period as last year. When I first moved in about two years ago, PG&E was giving a 20% discount for anyone who cut back power by 20% year-over-year. The previous tenants cooked with an electric over and range, so beating that was easy. PG&E's since ended the program, so near as I can tell, but it's still a game for me to try to use less power than last year. So far, so good. Last year I left my computer on much more time during the day than I do now, so I'm squeaking in, saving about .5Kwh per day. I dunno how I'll be able to use less energy in the future, though. 5.0Kwh/day is what I'm at now.
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