Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

i violated my own rule of commerce

I have only a few rules of commerce. One of them is: never purchase anything from CompUSA, and never let anyone I know purchase anything from CompUSA. The source of the rule isn't exciting: CompUSA slighted my brother years ago in a significant way, so I vowed to punish them by never patronizing that store. Well, fast forward nearly a decade, to find me and my Dad killing time while my Mom and aunt shop at a card store around the corner. We wander into CompUSA "just to look" at the notebook computers, and I see the smallest notebook ever: a Sony X505ZP. The sales guy wanders by, I ask a few questions, he fetches the Sony rep, who turns out to be a nice kid, too, and I end up impulse buying the laptop. (My Dad helped push, too; he pointed out that, if I really did leave to do research and come back, the experience wouldn't be nearly as nice and, if I really did want to buy it, I'd be far less happy.) So, I'm still not excited by CompUSA (they pushed their warranty awfully hard, despite it not covering even the most probable of accidents: a can of coke across the keyboard). But, at least I'm the happy owner of a laptop that weighs less than 2 pounds and that's little thicker than my lab book at work.
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