Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

new Starbucks in Mountain View

There's a little stripmall near my apartment. About 2 months ago the Hollywood Video moved to a new storefront about 4 doors down. I wandered past the place today and found a Starbucks has appeared in the void, fully operational. It doesn't quite fit, of course, but it looked like it had plenty of people reading newspapers and sipping beverages inside.

Corey's Theory of Commercial Expansion: no matter where you live, a Starbucks will eventually appear within a 10 minute walk.

I tried this theory out on my grandparents and, sure enough, it held: a Starbucks appeared inside the Safeway near their house a few months ago. With 26,000 sites across the globe, you just can't get that far away, I guess.
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