Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

840 miles later

drove to seattle last friday, did it in one day. the drive wasn't nearly as bad as i thought it'd be. with many breaks, a 45 minute nap, and slow traffic in portland, it took me 16 hours. jane (the name i've give my nav system) rocks! i couldn't confuse her. she even knew about the roads through the rest areas. wowza.

listened to "ender's shadow" from Mountain View to Salem. abridged, it turns out, at least i'm pretty sure. being a software engineer, i'm highly skilled when it comes to sitting in the same place all day long. glad that skill can translate to another industry: driving.

oh, i thought of a great invention: karaoke for the car. call it: caraoke. after ender's shadow, i listened to music. the car has a data display that shows the audio data, but it should show song lyrics instead. how much more fun could that be?!

the car computer keeps track of average miles per gallon (about 30 iirc for the trip), but also miles per hour. Sorta funky; I averaged 59MPH between 5a and 9p last Friday (counting only engine-running time, i'm sure).
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