Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

I enjoy being busy -- I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I complete a task, and being busy means I'm working on a lot of tasks. Only problem is, I get more high strung than usual. When I'm more high strong my conscious mind more often plays games, like, what would happen if I yelled out in the middle of this meeting what I'm really thinking, appropriate or not. Or if I just started banging my reference book on the table to relieve some stress. They're just games for my mind, but it's sorta odd that my mind wanders like that. Usually only when I'm strung out like this.

The remedy for being busy is to complete the tasks, which I can usually do by applying my secret weapon: staying late. The arch nemesis to Staying Late is the Mandatory Early Morning. I'm leading a training session tomorrow at 10a ("I should be asleep then") and am driving out of town leaving at 5a(!) Thursday morning. Staying Late has been thwarted!

Time to break out the reserve weapon: waking early. This weapon usually misfires, often because I try to charge it with Power Sleeping. That's going to bed wired from a Staying Late session cut short, believing I'll fall straight to sleep, and instead laying in bed not being tired for at least an hour.

So, that's the state of my current life. Time for some Power Sleeping and to hope I can apply the Waking Early strategy. We'll see.
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