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Great bike ride

Whew! I just got back from a great bike ride around the South Bay area. Karl Pfleger lead me up into the foothills, along to Page Mill Road, up some hellish hill to Skyline drive, and then back along some great downhills. 30 miles in total. Including 3.4 miles going up an average 7% grade. That part alone took about 30 minutes (you'd be surprised that I didn't fall over biking along at only 5 miles an hour).

As a reward for the hard hill (which, btw, Karl tells me is one of the easier ways to climb up to Skyline drive. Yee...), we went down some really long and steep hills. I found out that my bike can, in fact, top 34.5mph and not fall apart. And I found that my risk level tops out at taking downhill turns at no faster than 125% of the car-suggested speed (ie, a 20 mph suggested speed corner I'll take at no faster than 25mph). It's hard to stay in the lane on some of those turns, and I really didn't want to wipe out over the edge of the hill and roll straight down. 8)

But, ew, I'm a mess. It's shower time...
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