Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

Pets from New Orleans

Some people I know are helping rescue pets from New Orleans. I think this is great -- there's lots of people tending to the humans but few are working to help the animals. What I don't have a clear bead on, though, is how it should all happen. My friends, for instance, are working with folks who are transporting the pets from New Orleans out to other states for care, as far away as Washington. For the poor dogs and cats that were left behind in rising waters, I'm sure this is far better care than they've had for the last three weeks. But, at what point do you cross the line from "saving a pet from the flooding" to "saving a pet from its horrible living conditions"? At what point is this not saving pets from the storm aftermath but saving pets from bad owners? For example, I heard a story of a dog being found tied up in a yard full of garbage (garbage that was there before Katrina). Will these animals be reunited with their former families? Should they be? I don't know yet. Please comment if you moral compass clearly points in some direction on this question.
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