Corin Anderson (magellanic) wrote,
Corin Anderson

I think I caught a cold this weekend; thanks, Russell. I don't feel too badly but I definitely have some symptoms. Hurts a bit to swallow, achy neck. Weird dreams. Let me recall two:

The first I don't recall quite so vividly. In the only parts I remember, I'm in a parking garage, somewhere in New York (ish). I think I'm looking for my car, following someone else (whom I think I know in the dream), but that person turned around and was mad I was following her. I then saw how this parking garage worked: I wasn't supposed to find the car, the cars were swapped between spots (through some mechanism I don't recall) and ... the car magically appears? I don't remember anything else about the dream. Weird how the parking garage worked, though. Now that I rethink it, though, it sounds like the double-decker garage one of my (soon to be former) NYC friends keeps her car in.

In the second dream, I'm outside walking on an unpaved road that's at the edge between a forest and an open field. I'm at the top of a hill and am walking down. I look over the field and see someone running, being pursued by a mountain lion. The person runs sort of past me but the cougar sees me, slows down, and approaches. I'm wearing a jacket so put my arms up and "look big" and snarl (heh). The cat stops. My travel companion (who enters the dream only now) thinks my work is all theatrics and continues walking down the path. My fellow traveller is the open source manager at work (huh). We walk past the mountain lion but it follows us. I turn around and "look big" again and check it, and continue walking backward for a ways. The walking buddy says something about just walking by and it won't give us trouble, or something like that (conveys that meaning but I forget the words). Then, I woke up.

So, there you have it: dreams from someone somewhat under the weather (but not yet under the influence of any medication). With any luck we'll have ibuprofen-influenced dreams by morning.
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